The sport that sparks an adrenaline rush.

It all began with a trip down to Aughnahoo in County Fermanagh with Queen's University Belfast's Caving Club in October 2017 - that got me hooked on this strange, yet exciting sport.

Otherworldly' would be a great way to describe caving as a sport. It involves climbing, squeezing, crawling and mud - lots and lots of mud. You end up deep below the surface getting to experience the many fascinating and (sometimes) large caverns that lie below.

The picture to the right shows David Hatton (right), Daniel Black (middle) and myself (left) before we headed down Shannon Cave on the second day of the Irish Student Caving Forum 2018. It was my first time exploring the Shannon Cave system, with its exciting 35meter entrance pitch.

Now, even moreso I spent most of my weekends caving in the County Fermanagh and County Clare regions of Ireland, occasionally crossing the pond to cave in England or Wales.

Queen's University Belfast Caving Club

Belfast's only student caving club!

No prior experience is required to go caving whether you’re descending into Pollaraftra, venturing through Coolarkin, or exploring the less well trodden parts of the famous Marble Arch Caves. 

Queen's Caving Club is always on the look out for new people to get involved so give them a shout to learn more! They meet on Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm at the main climbing wall in the foyer of the Queen's Physical Education Centre (PEC). 

It was an honour to serve as the Caving Club Captain between September 2018 to July 2019. I wish the incoming caving committee all the best for the 2019/20 academic year. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact the club email account;

Aghnahoo Caving Hut - 'The Hoo'

Ireland's Only Caving Hut

The Hoo is Ireland's only dedicated cavers house. It is located along the Marlbank Road and is situated near the Marble Arch Caves! 

The Hoo has been home to many cavers over the years and is the go to place in Fermanagh for resting your head after many a days caving. It can comfortably fit around 10 people. It has fresh water, a gas cooker & oven and a handcrafted out-house. Miner is the Hoo's friendly keeper and maintains the upkeep throughout the year. 

The Hoo is the perfect spot for caving as it's close enough to some caves that they've been nicknamed the Garden Caves, as they are in the Hoo's back garden!