I'm a Final Year Student studying for a Master's in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This website includes information about myself, in addition to recent and past projects i've worked on, but also event's that i've attended. Feel free to browse around.

Activities and Completed Projects

Dachstein Caving Expedition 2019 (Featured)

Blog Post
After attending the 2019 Dachstein Caving Expedition, I decided to document my experience in the Austrian Alps as a first time expedition attendee. You can read about what I got up to over these two weeks.

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Validus -  
Real-Time Form Tracking (New)

University Project
As part of our Engineering Entrepreurship Module, we designed and created a product that can monitor a users form in real-time as they carry out a free-weight exercise such as squatting or deadlifting.

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Home Server Build (2019) - 
Setup & Installation (Featured)

Blog Post
After many years of planning and testing, I finally have put together a Home Server with a wide range of uses. This blog post goes into detail on the decisions and thought process part selection and choosing the software to run.

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Ownership Experience
2005 Volkswagen Passat 

Blog Post
After 18 months and 27,000 miles since taking ownership of my 2005 Volkswagen Passat, it's time to reveil exactly what the experience of driving and maintaining this 15 year old diesel saloon has been.  

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Leitrim Village, Co. Leitrim 

Blog Post
SUICRO, the annual Irish Caving Conference for the Speleological Union of Ireland and Irish Cave Rescue took place in Leitrim Village. 

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Kent University Caving Club 
Visit Fermanagh 

Portfolio Post
Arduous Planning allowed for Kent University Caving Club to take a week long Holiday in Ireland. Much fun was had, including my first escapades into Cave Photography. Find out more, including the pictures in this article!

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About Me

As mentioned above, i'm a Third Year Undergraduate Student studying for a Masters of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Queen's Unversity Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have just finished my Year of Industrial Placement, returning to University to complete my final two years of study, focusing more on Electrical Power theory. 

This website details information on the wide range of hobbies and interests that I partake in, which include; Caving, Climbing, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping and Photography. Whilst I do enjoy the outdoors, whenever I’m not there I’ll be tinkering with computers and electronics, or sitting back relaxing whilst playing some Piano or as-of recent, learning the guitar. 

My Interests


It all began with a trip down to Aughnahoo in County Fermanagh with Queen's University Belfast's Caving Club (QUBCC) in October 2017 that got me hooked on this strange, yet exciting sport.

Otherworldly' would be a great way to describe caving as a sport, as it involves climbing, squeezing, crawling and mud - in fact, lots of mud! In the end, you are deep below the surface getting to experience the many fascinating and (sometimes) large caverns that lie below.

Since beginning my exploratory life underground i've been throughout Ireland, over to England and Wales and more recently, have attended a caving expedition in Austria over the summer of 2019.

(Left to right) Niall O'Rourke, Myself, Daniel Black, before passing through Noons Hole, Fermanagh, June 2019


After working as a photography editor for the last 5 year part time, it was only recently that I started to take up photography in my spare time (and when I have a camera available to borrow!)

It mainly kicked off whenever I was tasked with taking some action photos during a wall practice session with QUB Caving Club for Queen's Sport by a fellow course member, who although enjoys flying planes, is completely feared of heights! Who knew such a combination could exist!

This helped to re-ignite my interest in the hobby, and I am continually trying to improve my skills in this area, getting out and about whenever I can. I hope eventually I can take the skills I have learned underground and experience the wonders of cave photography!

Bluebell Bloom, Portglenone Forest Park, 
Portglenone, Northern Ireland, May 2018

Electronics Hobbyist...

I started playing around with old printers and computers from a very young age, and quickly became that person in my family and friends who was instantly called upon whenever something when wrong. 

Since then it has spiralled out to everything, from building computers and repairing phones to tinkering with breadboards to create small fund projects to play around with. 

Now more-so than ever, I am trying to focus on improving my skills around programming languages such as C++ and Embedded C, to building simple websites using html.

Tinkering with an Arduino Uno, QUB Robotics Society, Dec 2017


My first encounter with hiking and exploration was during the completion of the expedition section of my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and since then I have always enjoyed going hiking whenever I get the chance. 

My most recent journey was to Fermanagh to explore the Cuilcagh Mountain Boardwalk, or more commonly referred to locally as the “Stairway to Heaven.”

Mourne Mountains, Newcastle, Northern Ireland, July 2016